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Joseph Interprets the Kings Dream

[ 1 ] June 9, 2011 | ViWest

Joseph is in prison and is hoping that the butler will some day remember him.  As time passes, one night Pharaoh has a dream.  In the dream he was standing by the river watching seven fine fat cows come out of the Nile River.  They were feeding in the meadow.  And then seven thin and scrawny cows came up out of the Nile and stood by the other cows.   And then the thin and scrawny cows ate up the seven fat cows.  Then Pharaoh awoke.  He slept again and dreamed a second dream.  Seven ears of corn came up on one stalk.  They were hardy and good.  And then seven undersized ears swallowed the seven hardy ears.  Pharaoh awoke and knew it was a dream.  The next morning he sent for all the magicians and the wise men of the land.  Pharaoh told them about his dreams, but none could interpret the dreams.  It was then that the butler remembered Joseph who was in prison.  The butler told Pharaoh about his dream and how Joseph had interpreted it, also the cooks dream.  All that Joseph interpreted came to pass.

Pharaoh sent for Joseph.  He told Joseph about his dreams and that no one could interpret them.  He asked Joseph if he could tell the meaning of the dreams.  He told Pharaoh that only God could give the meaning.  And God showed Joseph the meaning.  Joseph told Pharaoh the two dreams were one.  God was showing what He was about to do.  Joseph told Pharaoh the interpretation of his dreams.  ”The seven good cows and seven good ears of corn are seven good years.  The seven thin and scrawny cows and   poor corn come after, there will be seven years of famine.  All the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt, and the famine shall consume the land.  The dream was sent to Pharaoh twice because this time has been decided by God, and God will make it happen soon.  Let Pharaoh appoint a governor over the land of Egypt and gather up a fifth of the harvest of the land in the seven years of plenty.  And that food shall be stored for the land to draw on during the seven years of famine which shall come later.  And the land may not perish through famine.”

Pharaoh rewards Joseph

Pharaoh knew that God had shown all of this to Joseph and also knew that Joseph would be the wisest man to appoint.  Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of his house and said:  ”All my people will be ruled according to your word.  Only on the throne itself will I be greater than you.”  Then Pharaoh took off the ring from his hand and put it upon Joseph’s hand.  He dressed him in robes of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck.  He made him ride in the second royal chariot, and people cried before him:  ”Bow the knee!”  Joseph was made ruler over the land of Egypt.  Pharaoh said:  ”I am Pharaoh, and without you no man shall lift up his hand or foot in all the land.”  Then Pharaoh gave Joseph the Egyptian name Zaphnathpaaneah and he gave him for his wife Asenath, the daughter of Potipherah, priest of On.


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About ViWest: Vi West is a Christian woman who loves the Lord. Through the years she has taught children in Sunday school and kids church. She now writes Bible stories for young adults and new Christians. View author profile.

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